How Do You See Conflict?

Ken Sande's The Peacemaker is an excellent book.  You should read it.  He describes common reactions to conflict:
To some, conflict is a hazard that threatens to seep them off their feet and leave them bruised and hurting.  To others, it is an obstacle that they should conquer quickly and firmly, regardless of the consequences.  But some people have learned that conflict is an opportunity to solve common problems in a way that honors God and offers benefits to those involved. (page 22)
Sande recognizes three basic responses to conflict:

1. Escape
When you're more interested in avoiding conflict than resolving it...

2. Attack
When you're more interested in winning the conflict than preserving the relationship...

3. Peacemaking
When you're more interested in honoring the gospel, growing in sanctification, and loving your neighbor.

What's your tendency?

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marcia said...

How is it that you are so sexy AND so wise? This entry is pretty convicting and insightful to me.. thanks for taking the time to read great stuff and condense the best of it for the rest of us...