Entertain-o Church From the Atheist's Perspective

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Here's to Idolatry

Religious Statue Falls And Breaks In Church
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Your Routine

Francis Chan - Balance Beam


Raising Kids in a Pornified Culture

Helpful.  From Zach Nielson re: @betweentwoworlds.
1. Aim to give our kids a huge view of God who is gloriously delightful.
2. Teach them the gospel. 
3. Teach them that boundaries bring freedom and obedience is a blessing.
4. Talk to them sooner than later about sex.
5. Begin to train your kids on how to interact with the opposite sex.
6. Guard who your kids spend time with.
7. Put Your Computer in a Public Place and Turn Off The T.V.
8. Seek to cultivate a relationship with your kids such that they feel as though they can be open with you about anything.
Go here for the whole thing.  It's worth the read, especially here in the OC.


Twitter Will Kill You

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David Crowder*Band Rockumentary 4:


Proverbs Resource

To know wisdom and instruction,
to understand words of insight,
to receive instruction in wise dealing,
in righteousness, justice, and equity;
to give prudence to the simple,
knowledge and discretion to the youth—
Let the wise hear and increase in learning,
and the one who understands obtain guidance,
to understand a proverb and a saying,
the words of the wise and their riddles.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge;
fools despise wisdom and instruction.