Furnishing Your Library Is Easy

More from Bridges, The Christian Ministry:
It is far more easy to furnish our library than our understanding.

Patient application is literally everything. - quoting Miller

"Not to read or study at all is to [test] God: to do nothing but study, is to forget the Ministry; to study, only to glory in one's knowledge, is a shameful vanity; to study, in search of the means to flatter sinners, a deplorable prevarication; but to store one's mind with the knowledge proper to the saints by study and by prayer, and to diffuse that knowledge in solid instructions and practical exhortations - this is to be prudent, zealous, and laborious Minister. - quoting Quesnel
What think ye?

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Anonymous said...

knowledge without application(waste)
application without knowledge(waste)]
prudent application of knowledge for the glory of god(glorious)