The Cross and Community

I was privileged to spend Memorial Day weekend with Agape Fellowship Church in Williamsport, PA.  The event took place at the beautiful Camp Susque, where the green grass surrounded by the lush Pennsylvania hills was almost too much pleasure for us Los Angeles parking lot dwellers to handle.  The theme for the weekend was "The Cross and Community."  (The beautiful pair there is my daughter (on the left) and niece.)

In each of the four sessions we endeavored to look at some of the glories of what Christ did on the cross and then apply what that means for the local church - the focal point of Christian Community.

Friday night it was "The Cross and Identity" from Ephesians 2.11-22.

Part 1 of Saturday morning was "The Cross and Humility" from Luke 18.9-14.

After a small group setting that studied the benefits of humility, Part 2 of Saturday morning was "The Cross and Submission" from Philippians 2.1-11.

On Sunday morning we concluded with "The Cross and Service" from Matthew 20.17-28.

I was continually amazed at the cross and how Christian community is created, sustained, and guided by the work and example of Christ's cross.  I was also reminded that when the cross of Christ is forgotten or minimized, the life of the church is in deep trouble.  (Thanks Captain Obvious).  But an important truth for my soul!

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