What's Equality Mean?

From Tim Challies:
The American presidential election is almost upon us (even those of us who do not live in the United States). One of the fundamental issues in this election regards distribution of wealth. Many people have become alarmed at Obama's statements about the redistribution of wealth. I think it is useful to provide a Christian perspective on inequality of wealth. To that end, I am posting the seventh chapter of Wayne Grudem's book Business for the Glory of God (Used with permission of Crossway Books).
Some think equality means "we have the same stuff."  

I think a more healthy target would be "we have the same opportunity."


julia said...

So how does one set out to hit that target? How do you create the same opportunity-- for a child in an overcrowded school with books that can't be taken home and parents who may be 1) nonexistent, 2) working two jobs to put food on the table, 3) unable to help with homework due to language difficulties--as the child whose parents can afford private education, cultural activities, encouragement, and a conducive study environment?

Matt said...

Good question.