Justin says:
I really like this book. It affected me. It convicted me. It helped me. I'm celebrating God's providence, how he led me to peek into the "Christian" isle at Borders and spot Feel. Reading Feel has come with perfect timing. The thesis and thrust of the book hit a sanctification bullseye in me. I've already begun recommending this book to many of my friends.
From the book:
Our emotional response to anything is a collage of our personality, upbringing, self-image, worldview, experiences, and beliefs. What we concentrate on, what we dwell on, what we run over and over again n our heads is what we get emotional about. So we need to stop and think about what we are always telling ourselves. If it does not line up with what is true, we must cancel the download. Then we need to reboot our thought patterns with godly values and beliefs. Only then can our emotions reflect a godly perspective.  Whatever podcast you play in your head is what you will eventually believe about God, others, and yourself. It will determine your emotional starting point and the place out of which you will respond. You can spend most of your life at a single spot emotionally because you pitched your tent on one thing that you relive and rehash every day. Sometimes, you have to make yourself pack it up and move on to something new.


ChristineTheBean said...

If we keep telling ourselves the truth about God's love, and His sovereignty, and His goodness... our thought patterns (the patterns in which we hold ourselves to a false standard) will eventually be erased; replaced by Truth, in which we are free.

Matt said...

MSL, If you keep telling yourself it's not true then you can decide for yourself what's right and wrong without worry of any divine accountability...until it comes anyway.

Each truth claim and source needs to be examined. I'm convinced the Bible is true.

Matt said...

Look, MSL. If you look me up the drink's on me.