T4G; Day Two

What a day we have had. MacArthur. Dever. Sproul. Mohler. The worship was moving. Christ was exalted.

As Scott summarizes, "This was a powerful reminder of where we stand in our sin and the power of the cross...words don't do justice."

It would be far too much to chronicle the day. It will all be online and I'll tag it then. But here's a few highlights:

O, John MacArthur, thank you for the blessing you gave us in describing human depravity and inability. What a gift.

"[Depravity] is the most despised...and the most distinct of Christian doctrine."

"The best prayer I ever prayed had enough sin in it to damn the whole world." - Bunyan

"False belief systems all affirm human goodness."

"Never appeal to that which enslaves the sinner in order to rescue the sinner."

"Soft preaching makes hard people. Hard truth will break hard hearts."

"All hearts have the same problem. All need the same message."

"Be meek. Be humble. No one should be so humble as those who preach the gospel...We're just clay pots: replaceable, breakable, ugly."

Mark Dever:

His message was far-reaching and deep...deserving of more synthesis. Dever explained many ways we are tempted to tweak (and taint) the gospel. He said,

"God is not about the most sinners saved, but most glory gained."

"To add to the gospel is to detract from it...Keep the gospel clear. Don't try to improve it."

R.C. Sproul's exposition on the curse motif of the cross provided one of the holiest moments of my life. Since I'm in need of some brevity, I'll give you Todd's response:

We enjoyed some kickin' BBQ at the fine establishment shown below.

An excellent lecture by Al Mohler finished the day. We left we a deeper allegiance to the gospel of Jesus Christ: to live for it , proclaim it, protect it, and die for it if need be.

We prayed for our church tonight, and we miss our families.

Tomorrow finishes it off with Piper and Mahaney. Can't wait.

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