T4G; Day One

Here's the venue:

We enjoyed Ligon Duncan, a panel discussion, a phat dinner at the Ford's and then a paradigm-shifting message from Thabiti ]Anyabwile.

Some of Ligon's best quotes:

On John 17: "Truth is for joy. Doctrine is for delight. You're a killjoy if you're against doctrine."

On 1 Timothy 1.6-11: "Immorality finds itself in the rejection of true teaching."

From William Perkins: "Theology is the science of living blessedly ever after."

"If someone tells you they don't believe in systematic theology, watch out; they're about to slide it under the door."

From Thabiti:

"Race posits that there is an essential biological difference between the ethnicities...believing in race is a little like believing in unicorns. Like unicorns, race doesn't exist."

Thabiti certainly wasn't denying or devaluing ethnicity, but rather debunking the idea that an essential biological difference separates, divides, and differentiates humanity. He had several reasons:

1. "Race" (as he describes it) leads to the abuse of people and Scripture.
2. The trajectory of "race" is racism.
3. "Race" prevents or hinders meaningful engagement with others.
"'Race makes slaves; it binds."
4. "Race" underminds the authority and sufficiency of Scripture.
(See Gen. 1.26-28, 2.22-24, 3.20, 5.1-5, 9.5-6, 10.1, Acts 17.26)
5. "Race" undermines the gospel. (He then considered Paul's argument in Romans 5. We're either all in Adam - sharing God's image and our fallenness - and saved by Christ or we're not.)

When we see groups of different folks, do we think, "different, dangerous, no benefit, no joy?" or "like me, safe, benefits, joy". He said we should think the second because we are in Adam as God's image bearers, sinners, and in need of salvation.

Some final thoughts - "Christ's blood creates the deeper ethnicity", and "Cling to Christ and find yourself clinging to others who cling to Christ."

His message was powerful and deserves more thought. It was evident that other members of the panel were moved and influenced.

Now we're in the hot tub and soon to bed. 'Night!

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