Streamlining Your Run

Finished today with the chapter, "Jesus' Endurance and Ours". Considering Hebrews 12.1-2, Beeke had this to say about the casting off of our sin:
Sin takes our eyes off of our Savior; it interrupts our relationship with God. Sin is anti-God...

To run the Christian race with endurance means doing continual battle against every weight and every sin. We must become increasingly conscious of them; every day, we must decide against them, say no to them, put them to death. We cannot trivialize sin, dumb it down, desensitize our consciences, or let down our guard. We cannot just let sin happen; we cannot let it penetrate our souls and our lives.
Look at Jesus today in Hebrews 12.1-2. And by His grace, cast off your sin.

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