What Is Good Preaching?

Pastor Erik has some thoughts on the matter. He begins with,

"I get the pastor trade journal, Leadership. I don't know why I read it. It usually only causes me angst over state of the evangelical church and the evangelical pastorate. I always mutter to myself that I need to read it to 'keep up' and 'keep current' or some such nonsense. And it is nonsense. Hey Pastors- you want to keep current? Read 2 Timothy 4: 1-5. Now, memorize it. Then, do it. Please. We need more 'hip' and 'current' pastors like we need more infomercials."

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Anonymous said...

I heard of a man once saying he didnt like our church because we had to many rules. I guess meaning our pastor preaches the word of christ to close to its meaning. He wanted to go to his drive through church and get the word of god preached to him the way he wanted it. All speculation on my part. I myself being a sinner and have turned from the word way to often for my own wanting of what i want.I need to hear the word of God as he intended it to be.Harsh, rathful,full of grace and mercy. To often we turn to the path of least resistance to only fall on our faces. I can only pray that God as mercy on all of us for all our follies.