God Is Great

From Hugh Hewitt:

"Christopher Hitchens' god Is Not Great continues to sell and sell and sell, and Mr. Hitchens continues to take on all comers in conversation.

The Great God debate, Part 1, featured Hitchens opposite theologian, author and blogger Dr. Mark D. Roberts. (Transcript here. The audio of hour 1 is here, hour 2 here, and hour 3 here.) That debate focused primarily on the reliability of the New Testament. Dr. Roberts, author most recently of Can We Trust The Gospels?, has since posted extensively on the Hitchens book.

Part two of this series of conversations arrives today in the first two hours of the program, as Professor David Allen White of the U.S. Naval Academy squares off with Hitchens on the subjects of civilization's debt to Christianity and whether science undermines faith or the gaps in science undergird belief. Professor White's most recent book, The Horn Of The Unicorn, is about Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre."

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Ed said...

I listened to the Mark D. Roberts debate. Typical of what happens when you argue from a naturalistic and humanistic stand point. As usual the atheist uses moral judgments yet cannot bridge the gap from what is to what ought to be. This is not pointed out by the theist. The theist uses moral judgments about man that is not supported by the Bible. This view is in agreement with the atheist's view. Combine this with the numerous straw man arguments made by the atheist that were allowed to stand, the lack of Scripture used by the theist, and the lack of the defense of Scripture, I was left thoroughly unimpressed by Mr Roberts' argument.

All we got was two guys giving their subjective opinions.

Hugh wishing both 'Good Luck' was telling in itself.