Live Earth Silliness

Jonah Goldberg's editorial about Live Earth reveals the ridiculousness that, sadly, is often normative for the "global warming" conversation. Here's my favorite part of what he has to say:

"Imagine how befuddled [rock fans] must have felt while listening to Dave Matthews sing the glories of cloth diapers. And, assuming they didn't hit the mute button when Czech supermodel Petra Nemcova came to the stage, one wonders what any climate-change ingenues might have made of her confession. The model, who nearly was killed in Thailand by the 2004 tsunami, explained that she 'didn't feel hate toward nature' because of the tsunami. 'I felt nature was screaming for help.'

It's nice that Nemcova didn't want to blame the messenger, but it's hard to feel a similar reluctance about Live Earth's impresario in chief. Former Vice President Al Gore recently penned a book in which he rails against the current 'assault on reason' by the evil forces of Earth-hating right-wingery. He repeatedly invokes science as if it's his exclusive property. But the soft paganism on display in Nemcova's faith-based assertion that a sub-oceanic earthquake was the result of Mother Nature sending us a message is typical of greenhouse gasbaggery."

I have yet to understand why an atheistic, materialistic view of the world gives any motivation for saving a species or planet. If we're all just cosmic accident, then where did all this meaning and ethic come from? However if we are made in the image of God, and creation declares His glory, we now have a very serious ethic and meaning for our stewardship of what God has made.

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asherbanipal said...

Ingrained in the human heart is the need to worship and be in awe. Since we cannot see God physically, the global huggers have chosen to worship (on some level) the vastness they can see, namely the earth. Check out the new lovely movie by M. Night Shyamalan here.

Also, the atheists at atheiest.org set up a massive strawman here and then debunks it. Congratulations on being able to destroy an argument few Christians use...