True Greatness

I've had the enjoyment of some serious soul food over the last few days. I just finished C. J. Mahaney's book, Humility; True Greatness. I strongly recommend it to anyone suffering from the same disease as I - pride.

A major strength of the book is the many very practical ways to fight pride. One strategy is "actively identifying evidences of grace in others." Here's a nugget on that subject regarding correction:

"...any correction will not be effective unless you approach it with a divine perspective of those you are correcting, because your heart won't be filled with affection for them or with a fresh faith for change on their behalf. And they'll be sure to sense that lack in your heart."

That, my friends, is some valuable wisdom. Read this book. C. J. left me both chuckling at myself and mourning my pride. But best of all, he has left me with a strong desire for the blessings of humility.

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