Dangerous Christians?

In his June 10, 2007 Stand To Reason radio broadcast (free registration required to download - you can also podcast the show at the bottom of this page, and it is well worth the listen), Greg Koukl reports that the kitchen is getting hotter for Christians in America. For instance, there are presently more books being published against the dangers of Christianity than there are about the dangers of Islam. And as Greg says, the books aren't saying that we're wrong, "but [that] we're dangerous."

Especially considering the present moment in history, this is utterly ridiculous. It is one thing to deal with a truth claim, and it is still another to paint its adherants black to the ignorance of evidence. A collection of monstrous examples of the evils of religion does not prove that all religion, or Christianity for that matter, is false.

One example of the "new atheism" you've probably heard of is Christopher Hitchen's book, god Is Not Great; How Religion Poisons Everything. If you're looking for answers, see Stand to Reason (linked above) or the Rev. Dr. Mark D. Roberts, who also gives a strong response.

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