Our High Places

From Kevin De Young, a former classmate.
...when it comes to the entertainment choices of the vast majority of Christians in the vast majority of our churches my strong impression is that there is little difference between what we take in and what the rest of the world goes to for a good time.

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Rachel said...

I seriously think about this all the time, which is why I've almost completely given up on television. Even when I don't think it's having an impact on me, it probably is AND I feel like there are 9,000 other things I could be doing with my time. In talking with my fellow 20-something Christian friends, we discuss how our lives are supposed to be different...set apart from the rest of the world. If someone came in my house and saw me watching Desperate Housewives, would my life look set apart? Probably not. Which is why I stopped watching that show. ;) It's hard when we use the excuse that the entertainment options are seemingly limited.

Thanks for the link, Matt.