April Fools?

Depends how you look at it.
Ecumenical News International reports that church authorities in the Netherlands have decided not to take action against a Dutch pastor who openly declares himself to be an atheist.
That "pastor" says, 
The non-existence of God is for me not an obstacle but a precondition to believing in God. I am an atheist believer...God is for me not a being but a word for what can happen between people. Someone says to you, for example, 'I will not abandon you', and then makes those words come true. It would be perfectly alright to call that [relationship] God.
No. No it wouldn't.

From Al Mohler

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Ed said...

And the governing church authorities stated in a letter, "a protracted discussion about the meanings of words that in the end will produce little clarity". The letter also noted that people have debated the issue of "God's existence" throughout time.

Would the words to be discussed be "know" and "believe"? Perhaps "atheist" and "pastor" are unclear.

Yes, poeple have been debating the issue of "God's existence" throughout time, but wouldn't you think that that issue would have been settled within the church thereby leaving such ponderance to the heathen?

And to think I actually wondered how a man like Carlton Pearson could remain a bishop. He's a piker compared to Klaas.

For false christs and false prophets will arise and perform great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect. The people involved in this whole fiasco must not be part of the elect unless I'm not aware of some great sign or wonder that occurred in that part of the world. Even so, LORD, come quickly.