A Tribute To My Dad On His Birthday

Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.
My dad did that.  In a world full of men who abdicate their responsibilities or think masculinity means dominating others, my dad stands out.  In a world full of churches whose men are pansy and apathetic, my dad is an example.  I have no idea how blessed I am.  Here's the top 10 things I love about my dad:
10. My dad is a man.  He takes a benevolent responsibility for everything in his domain.  He cultivates, protects, and teaches.  

9. My dad works hard and never quits.  As a Naval Academy grad, when he lost his job due to an airline going out of business, he did whatever it took to provide for his family - selling phone books, painting houses.  I'll never forget that.

8. My dad is my friend and my dad.  He knows how to play, and takes time to spend good, fun time with his family.  But he is also serious about obedience, and you'd feel it if you were out of line.  How thankful I am that my dad disciplined me!

7. My dad is full of integrity, and he made darn well sure I was too.  He is committed to his church.  As kids, we were going.  Period.

6. My dad is open.  You can talk to him about anything and he will listen to you.  And he'll change his mind if he thinks you're right.

5. My dad is very generous.  He is always giving of himself, his time, and his money in order to bless others and build the Kingdom.

4. My dad loves me.  I've never, ever doubted it.  He is always there as a wise support.

3. My dad loves my wife and kids with all his heart.

2. My dad loves my mom and is uncompromisingly committed to her.

1. My dad loves Jesus and is submitted to His Word.  That's what makes him who he is.


Rachel said...

This is awesome Matt. What a good role model.

PS My B-day is June 10th.

Tony said...

Thanks so much for your words, son. They mean so much to a father who, when he really remembers his fathering, hangs his head over the harsh words, the impatience, the personal failures. Without God's forgiveness and grace to look ahead and not behind, to press on not back, we would drown in a sea of regret. But we do look ahead and see how His grace has taken even our worst efforts and made them holy and useful for His purpose.
I love you,