A Review of the ESV Study Bible

From Tim Challies:
...I think the ESV Study Bible is an incredible resource. A long list of endorsers have expressed their excitement for its theological faithfulness, its accessibility, its insight, its scholarship, its practicality and its sheer excellence. I would simply append my name to this list. I agree wholeheartedly with C.J. Mahaney who writes, "I can't imagine a greater gift to the body of Christ than the ESV Study Bible. It is a potent combination indeed: the reliability and readability of the ESV translation, supplemented by the best of modern and faithful scholarship, packaged in an accessible and attractive format. A Christian could make no wiser investment for himself, a pastor could recommend no better resource for his congregation." This is a powerful resource and one that can aid any reader of Scripture. It is one I recommend wholeheartedly.

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Rachel said...

I never even heard of ESV until I came to FOLF and now it's everywhere. I was just looking for one yesterday on Amazon. My parents got me the Life Application Bible in NIV for graduation so I'm kinda bummed about this ESV thing, honestly.