A little help with the blog for those new to such a thing...

1. You can sort posts by topic by clicking on the "label" description at the bottom of each post (example: "theology" or "books").

2. Words and phrases in red are links to helpful web pages. Have a look - I have a special vested interest in "My Sermons", for obvious reasons. The list is on the right under "Check These Out".

3. There is a "Blog Archive" underneath the link recommendations. Clicking on the post will bring up both the post and any comments made.

4. Which leads me to emphasize this: leave comments! (To do so, click "comments" under the respective post.) It is wonderful to get your emails, but wouldn't it be fun to share our thoughts together?

5. If you like the blog, please spread the word! Thanks!

Again, thanks for visiting and contributing!

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Tony said...

This is incredibly helpful for us junior bloggers. Thanks