Thirteen Acts of Soul Worship

David Clarkson continues, in his discourse on soul idolatry:
Before we come to confirm and apply this truth, it will be requisite to make a more clear discovery of this secret idolatry, the most that are guilty of it not taking notice of their guilt, because they account nothing idolatry but what is openly and outwardly so.
He then lists and describes thirteen "acts of soul worship."

1. Esteem.  That which we most highly value we make our God.
2. Mindfulness.  That which we are most mindful of we make our God.
3. Intention.  That which we [make our ultimate goal] we make our God.
4. Resolution.  That which we resolve [to pursue] we make our God.
5. Love.  That which we love [the most] we make our God.
6. Trust.  That which we most trust we make our God.
   "For confidence and dependence is an act of worship which the Lord calls for as due only to          himself."
7. Fear.  That which we most fear (respect, revere) we worship as our God.
8. Hope.  That which we make our hope we worship as God.
9. Desire.  That which we most desire we worship as our God.
10. Delight. That which we most delight and rejoice in, that we worship as God.
11. Zeal.  That for which are more zealous we worship as God.
12. Gratitude.  That to which we are most grateful, that we worship as God.
13. Care and Industry. That whom we serve we worship as God.

Who is your God?  May we be like Thomas who, when seeing Jesus, proclaimed:

"My Lord and my God."  

And my Jesus Christ receive our sole soul worship.

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