Text-Messaging in Church

An intriguing way for folks to interact with the sermon...

What think ye?


Lianna said...

I think it would be incredible distracting to me to have my cell phone on in church! What if someone else sends you a message or calls or you have to let someone know where to meet you for lunch or tell someone just one quick thing...I feel like the skill of listening, especially listening to preaching is worth preserving. When you're thinking too much about what questions you have, chances are you'll be listening a lot less for what God might be telling you, right?

Matt said...

Lianna, that is an excellent point.

Ed said...

I agree. Part of the problem in conversations stem from people preparing what they want to say rather than listening to what the other person is saying. Texting not only detracts your attention to the sermon but it is also distracting to the person next to you.

Wouldn't it be distracting to the pastor to have questions popping up on a monitor as you're speaking? Perhaps not if you're giving man-centered, humanistic, self-help, McClaren/Warren-type talks.

The idea of displaying the messages on the screen for everyone to see would detract from the message as well. I know my mind would probably wander while imagining my response to the question thereby missing a good chunk of the sermon.

I'm all for asking questions but can't they be written down and then sent to the pastor via a phone call, email, text, etc. after the sermon?

Now, about those comfy looking chairs. Do you think we can get some that rock or maybe even recline? That would be cool.

Rachel said...

My old church tried to do this and it was a disaster. I agree with the aforementioned...it's distracting to the texter and could catch the Pastor off guard. I am all for the rockin' and reclining chairs tho, for sure. :-)