Christians in Politics

Here is a powerful example. Sometimes we glorify God more in the way we handle our failures....

- the following is from Justin Taylor's Blog:

Romney and Rumors

Joe Carter apologizes. Here's the full post:
Earlier this week I made reference to a rumor going around about Mitt Romney. Several readers--including a few men who I respect greatly--gently chastised me for making the remark. As my friend Steve Camp wrote in a comment, "You dishonor the FRC and the body of Christ by joining in on this type of negative pandering.

My initial reaction upon hearing such criticism was to become defensive and offer rationalizations for my action. I wanted to justify my behavior by pointing to my pure motives and good intentions. I wanted to say that they were wrong and I was innocent.

But they are right; I am guilty of behaving shamefully. I owe an apology not only to Mitt Romney but to all of the readers of this blog. I am truly sorry that I stopped so low as to spread such gossip.

My disgrace is compounded by the fact that I had to be chided by my friends rather than being pricked by my own conscience. And instead of immediately admitting my wrongdoing I tried to ignore it. I certainly deserve the damage this will do to my reputation and hope that it is anomalous action and not reflective of my true character.
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