Wimpy Christians

"Wimpy worldviews produce wimpy Christians. And wimpy Christians will not survive the days that are coming. It would be a piece of cake to pastor a church and produce wimpy Christians. Just constantly coddle you; do a little survey every week about what you want to hear and then tell you… Producing wimpy Christians is easy. You make money at it. Get a big church. That’s not what I’m called to do. I want to produce Christians who stand in the last day! …Wimpy Christians won’t last! And wimpy worldviews produce wimpy Christians."

This quote is from John Piper's sermon, "The Fatal Disobedience of Adam and the Triumphant Obedience of Christ". This sermon is part of the fabulous series, "Spectacular Sins and Their Global Purpose in the Glory of Christ."

Find it all (so far) here:

All Things Were Created Through Him and for Him
Colossians 1:9-20
August 12, 2007

The Fall of Satan and the Victory of Christ
Genesis 3:1-15
August 19, 2007

The Fatal Disobedience of Adam and the Triumphant Obedience of Christ
Romans 5:12-21
August 26, 2007

The Pride of Babel and the Praise of Christ
Genesis 11:1-9
September 2, 2007

The Sale of Joseph and the Son of God
Genesis 37:1-36
September 9, 2007

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